Richard Neutra Book


Richard Neutra: The Story of the Berlin Houses 1920 - 1924

by Harriet Roth. Hardcover.

At the first mention of his name, one can easily picture the architecture style of the American West Coast surrounding Los Angeles, particularly the light-flooded bungalows lavishly composed as part of their surroundings. But it is sometimes overlooked that the career of Richard Neutra (1892-1970) began in Berlin-Zehlendorf. The houses in Zehlendorf represent a fascinating phase in Neutra's work. With their complex color schemes and extravagant interior design, they reveal themselves to be more than just an experimental and radically innovative design. Indeed, these lesser-known aspects already hint at elements that will be taken up again in future projects. The present publication finally provides for a rightful appreciation of Neutra's early works and, alongside historical sources, it collects countless new and unpublished documents about the houses and their first residents.

304 pages; 185 illustrations