JESSE KAMM - Sailor Pants Mechanic Blue


High-waisted, wide-leg, versatile. The pants that will go with you anywhere, at any time, for a very long time. Made in California with 100% fine cotton canvas. These seasonless, trend-proof, and durable pants will last for years due to its high-quality production and fabrics. By shopping JESSE KAMM you are minimizing the environmental footprint of fashion and donating to organizations passionate about social justice, such as ACLU, NRDC, Planned Parenthood, The Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law, and Let America Vote. 

  • SIZE 0 - 25.5" AT HIGH WAIST, 36" AT HIP
  • SIZE 2 - 26.5" AT HIGH WAIST, 37" AT HIP  
  • SIZE 4 - 27.5" AT HIGH WAIST, 38" AT HIP
  • SIZE 6 - 28.5" AT HIGH WAIST, 39" AT HIP
  • SIZE 8 - 29.5" AT HIGH WAIST, 40" AT HIP