About Motu

Motu was founded by husband and wife Hanalei and Patrick Gudauskas in the spring of 2019.

The vision of Motu began on a breezy afternoon on a remote island in the South Pacific. Hanalei, a Tahitian born and raised island girl, wanted to bring forward the ethos of her brand 'Abysse' into a space that included her ideals to all aspects of women lifestyle brands. This drive created the need to curating a retail space encompassing these values. Patrick, her husband, a native San Clemente professional surfer and global traveler, was enchanted by his wife's vision to bring sustainable products to their local community.   

A motu in Tahiti is a little remote island where no one resides. A slice of paradise, grounding and reminding of the most important things in life: nature, serenity and peaceful beauty. 

Motu, is a reflection of the inner consciousness that comes with natural, sustainable hand crafted products.

The goal of Motu is to integrate unique sustainable lifestyle brands with a mix of surf culture. San Clemente, where the space is located - is a rad little surfer’s town on the coast of Southern California that has developed into a community full of artists, surfers, and consumers with an ethical and sustainable mind. 

Our hopes in creating Motu, is to fulfill the need for a location that will celebrate unique curated goods from brands with a similar conscious ethos.